How to Learn More

  • Consider Joining ACBS

    ACBS is the richest online resource for ACT, RFT, and CBS knowledge that we know of.

  • Attend a Training

    Check out an Event near you … the ACBS New England Monthly Trainings are free, open to the public, and a great way to get your feet wet.

  • Check Out Our Previous Training Handouts

    We maintain a repository of past ACBS New England Chapter presentations’ handouts – feel free to visit!

  • Visit Some Other Websites

    Check out some of the other resources we’ve heard about on the great Interweb.

Contextual Science Resources*

* These resources are not kept up-to-date as frequently as the ACBS website’s resources are…

The Mindful Way Through Anxiety  

… a mindfulness and contextual science resource provided by Boston colleagues Lizabeth Roemer, PhD & Susan Orsillo, PhD.

The Happiness Trap  

… a well-known resource provided by Russ Harris, MD from Australia.

Dr. Kevin Polk  

… provides knowledge about the Matrix and its therapeutic uses.

ACT in New England  

… provided by Joel Guarna, PhD, has resources specific to Southern Maine including trainings and consultation groups.

The Greater New York Metropolitan Region Chapter for ACBS  

… provides trainings and networking opportunities for the New York State region.

Western Connecticut ACBS Affiliate Group  

… Western Connecticut folks might be interested in the folks in your area who have affiliated with the New York Chapter of ACBS.

Atlantic Canada ACBS Chapter  

… for our neighbors up north, we recommend the Atlantic Canada chapter of ACBS.

New Harbinger Publications  

… a publisher of many ACT books.

Guilford Press  

… another publisher of many ACT books .